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Music trivia quiz battle
using tunes on your iPhone!

Let's play the battle game of music trivia quiz with tunes on your iPhone!

Players answer a variety of questions, such as music intro quiz and trivia quiz asking for the name of albums or artists.

For example,
"Which of the following is NOT included on this album?"
"How many songs does this album contain?".

You can choose 2 to 4 player battle mode and 1 player mode. You can limit the questions to songs by selected artists, albums or playlists.
Enjoy it with friends who likes same kinds of music!

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Fastest Finger First

10 Intro & Outro questions appear one after another.
The first player to push the buzzer can answer the question.
If you get a question wrong, you lose a turn.

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Panel Quiz

In turn each player opens a question panel divided into 10 to 50 points according to difficulty, then answers a question.
There are 4 type of questions,

  • Intro
  • Speed
  • Trivia
  • Listening

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    Memory Quiz

    In turn each player chooses two cards and listens to it.
    If they are of the same music, then you needs to answer the title of the song.
    You can't win the pair if you don't know the title.

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    Endless Quiz Mode

    Single player mode.
    Questions appear until the player gets a question wrong.
    This app provides over 30 patterns of questions!
    Get a high score!

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    Music Quiz Party

    for iPhone / iPad

    Update List
    Compatible with iPhone5
    1.0.0( 3/24/2012)
    Compatible with iPad
    1.0.0( 3/20/2012)
    ATTENTION: Please organize songs on your iPod library in advance!

    Questions are made by music information of your iPod library. Please make sure to enter the name of songs, albums and artists.
    More variety of questions will be asked if you enter artworks, track numbers, release year and the number of tracks in your iPod library.
    If the app doesn't work, please try to customize "Range of questions" or check your iPod library.