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LED Sign

Your iPhone/iPod touch
turns into LED Ticker!

This app displays can create a unique atmosphere in various fields such as commercial, advertising, retail, financial, sports and many more.

20+ amazing motion effects!

Expressive signs by combination of motion effects

You can set different motion effects, such as scrolling or flashing, for each messages.
So it is possible to show expressive sign by combining several motion effects.

We support the following effects,

  • Scroll(Left, Right, Up, Down)
  • Flash
  • Flash(Inversion)
  • Wipe
  • Split
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Compress/Expand
  • Appear one by one
  • Typewriter
  • Dissolve
  • Snow
  • No Effect
  • Stay

  • It's up to your ingenuity!

    Paint Function

    More like a real LED ticker
    by 8 colors

    You can choose from 8 colors; orange, red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, pink and white.
    It's possible to make more like a familiar LED ticker on the street by combining 8 colors and scrolling effects.
    You can also choose fonts from various options.

    Pixcel-Art Painter

    The paint function extends your range of expression.
    You can draw 8 color pixcel-arts, and display them in the same way as characters.
    It is also possible to convert your photos or logo images of your favorite baseball team into this app.

    LED sign イメージ

    Folder manager supports you

    You can keep many messages in good order by folder manager.
    It's very easy to change the playing order or switch some messages on and off.

    Universal App

    LED Sign is now Universal.
    Download once and use LED Sign on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

    LED Signイメージ


  • Full Retina display support in high resolution for iPhone 5
  • Multi language support (English, French, Germany, Japanese)
  • 8 color (Orange, Red, Green)
  • 5 Scrolling speed controls
  • Varied motion effects
  • Drawing illustrations
  • Saving to video
  • Use it as a music player
  • Folder manager
  • Message manager
  • Select resolution in 4 stages
  • Font size adjustable(each message)
  • Adjust font size collectively
  • Control the speed of motion collectively

  • LED Sign Free

    LED Sign free

    for iPhone / iPad

    LED Sign Free

    LED Sign

    for iPhone / iPad

    Update List
    2.1.0( 9/17/2013)
    Compatible with iOS7
    2.0.0( 1/19/2013)
    Compatible with iPhone5、Improvement of UI, and more