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House Stacker image

House Stacker!

The retro style arcade game "Stacker" is coming back with cute illustrations.
Tap the screen wisely to pile the blocks up as high as you can!

This app is available on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Let's start with Normal mode!

House Stacker image

Tap the screen wisely

There is a row of 6 cubes which move side to side on the screen, at the first row. When you tap the screen, the row of squares will stop.

Then, another moving row appears above the previous row. If the squares do not align directly above the previous set, any overhanging squares will be removed.

If you misses completely, the game is over.

House Stacker image

Stack up blocks highest ever!

The moving row is getting faster as you stack up more.

When the game is over, the screen shows you how high you could stack up the house.
The higher you stack up, the more coins you will get!

House Stacker image

Normal mode and Challenge mode

Enjoy playing with 2 different modes!

  • Normal mode
  • This is a endless play mode. The moving blocks will speed up as you stack up higher.

  • Challenge mode
  • You can challenge this mode with a ticket which you win in a drawing the gacha. As you complete missions, you will be able to get more variations of items.

    House Stacker image


    You can use coins for gacha machine to get parts such as windows or signs of the house.

    These items appears in playing screen.
    The more you get items, the more points you can get!

    LED Sign Free

    House Stacker!

    for iPhone / iPad

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