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Choose from 3 play modes!

Place your palm on a table, and stab back and forth between your fingers using a knife with "Hand Knife Trick"!
Stab as fast as you can and get the highest score!

Choose from 3 play modes!

  • Time trial
  • 10 seconds endurance
  • Endless

  • Hand Knife Trick image

    Time trial

    Make 3 passes and compete against time!

    Hand Knife Trick image

    10 seconds endurance

    How many times can you tap within 10 seconds?

    Hand Knife Trick image


    Game is over when you fail!

    Hand Knife Trick image

    Aim world top ranking!

    Get high score and compete with world record in each playing mode.
    You can get accesaries such as rings and bracelets when you win a prize.

    Be careful not to achieve the highest rank in frequency of stabbing the hand.

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    Hand Knife Trick

    for iPhone

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